Monday, July 30, 2012

EyeCandy is EyeCandy.

My First Lookbook PhotoShoot with one of my closest friend, Michelle Anne Piccio. It felt almost heaven on earth when i found out that she received her new DSLR cam and she needed someone so that she could practice her photography skills. DSLR+ LaidbackColorfulOutfit = Whoala! Here it isss. :)) 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

NailFun: Sparkle 'n Colors!

Because this week is our last 'Teacherdeviant' week and i meaaaan its our last week to go against all the teacher Do's&&Don'ts, i had the chance to keep my slightly reddish hair. :)) [Too bad its days are already counted. :((]

&&Cooooooz i got tooooooo excited with the bright yellow nailpolish and the sparkling glitters around, i played and goofed off with my nails. If you're sooo random and playful like meeee, you can make this NAIL DO in FIVE easy steps! :))

  • Plain color nail polish (Mine, i chose YELLOOW!:)) )
  • Colorless polish
  • Brush
  • and some GLITTERS! :))


1. Paint your nails with the plain color except the nails you want to put glitter on.

2. For the glittered nails, first apply a thin coat of colorless polish (this will serve as the glue for the glitters)

3. Dip your nail with glitters of chosen color and brush off the excess.
4. Let it dry.

 5. Finish it up with a clear polish on each nail. :)


Mix n' Match and Have Fun! :))