Saturday, February 25, 2012

Not-yet-summer-but-almost! :)

I know Valentines shizz is still in the air but for some, the Sun is already heating things up and  it only means classes are at its near end. Some are already stocking up sum sunblocks andd are already smelling ze beach! :D
Summer is almost there and what better way to express love and happiness by welcoming it with a Bang! --in an eye-catchin, free and fashionably kind of way :)) Loose tops are invading the streets bringing a sexy and carefree look. For summer, this is definitely a-must-have! Soo better start piling up and filling the closet with ‘em cropped tops, boyfie tees, off-shoulders and i-look-like-a-hanger-
but-im-still-sexy look! :)) here are some ideas to look at. Also featured some schoolmates from Ateneo de Davao. Fashionistas there are already growing in number&& the Gazeebo already looks like a Runway!
Also here is alumnus&& Fashion Icon: Cheyser Pedregosa! 

First Blog. :'3

Well,Have fun! <3


This Printy Peacock shirt >.<

Mary Kate and Ashley Boho Chics!

Schoolmate : Shimi Fortuna

Schoolmate: Marion Levi Uy
(You can also check her out: )

Fashion Icon: Cheyser Pedregosa

CHEYSER: White top w/ black and gray stripes.

(All her photos are from her own blog.check it out @ LB:

That's just about it. Hope you stay tuned for more! :) <3 <3 <3

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