Wednesday, February 29, 2012

TWO Way :)

FEB 29, 2012. Leapyeaaaar && a WashDay! :)
IF ONLY: I had a good cam or my phone had DSLR-like captures. >.<

Feb 29 was quite a day because i had a zillion things to do. I had my Final DEMO at ateneo preschool and i must tell you it was nowhere near Easy! >.< I had an activity where i asked them to use COLORED chalks&& children's precious hands got all dirty.  >.< Chaotic!

Going back, i had to prepare a Two-way outfit that could be both presentable(for the teacherrole) and at the same time can meet my happy, playful personality. :) &&since I noticed how people from school are reliving the one-on-top-of-the-other look, sooo i had this outfit all put together for me! Was ironic how i looked soo laid back whhen that day meant death in BOLDS

For my demo, i had to do all the buttons and have the faded long sleeves inserted, had my hair pony tailed, removed all my accessories thatl distract students  and poof! i look a bit respectable. haha At school, again, just undo all the buttons, looked a lot like your boyfie's tee, some braids&& a purple beanie and The pink shoes, my favorite since I can be all goofy and trendy at the same time with it. sooo comfy!  AND whoala! carefree happy me!  Totally two different looks!:))

Im no style guru buuut, its actually comfy and stylish especially for the freekin bipolar weather. 
Just Remove &&Wear :)) 

PS. sorry for the id. if caught not wearing, itl get confiscated. HAHA


Top: Corduroy Faded jacket (Dad's closet)sleeves are folded up, over Bright blue spaghetti strap long top
Bottom: Maong pants
FW: Pink shoes (SM department store)
Hairaccessory: Purple Beanie (Fancy Crochet)

Til the next post! :)

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