Sunday, April 8, 2012

THE 25 "I MISS".

&&I miss missing you
Now it seems im not allowed to.
I miss cuddling and
I miss tumbling
I even miss your mumblin
I miss your laugh and how your cheeks become full
I really miss my favorite wool.
I miss the way your lips curl when you cry
I miss best when im the only one who can make you smile.
I miss it when you’re angry and your eyebrows meet
I miss the fights and later becoming sweet
I miss when you drink because of me
I miss you being extra sweet when the world becomes tipsy
I miss when we argue between orange juice and coffee
I miss kisses on the forehead when times get a little weary
I miss how we hate goodbyes
How hard it is to say the last lines
I miss late night talks
I miss late night walks
 I miss most the memories.

I miss the lover that you are

I miss the strong willed person that you are
Fighting wolves and rumplestilskin
I miss the crybaby just the same.
A Fiona, a human but still in an Alice story.

I miss the mother, the sister, the teacher
rolled into one living creature:
I miss most my best friend.
For me its different but for you it’s a package.
That a waste of our bookpage.
 I miss the madhatter&&wonderland

But  guess weve outgrownd our make believes now
Facing reality now
Playing in a different side of the team now
Forgetting and moving forward now.

-          -      -
You’re stuck in a web you did not spin
This is not a game neither one of us will win
You cut the rope&& it all became a memory.
A sad tag.
You forgot how well we do the swag?

Coz in the back of our minds, we know well that were not spiders.
Not many at once coz were not jugglers.

But still…

I miss you.

I meant what I said about il wait til I have my friend backJ
Square one? I love you.. You love me. &&that’s all that matters..
…even not for a lover but for something far better,

a Friend. :’)

(From March upto present.
DONE April9,2012)

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