Thursday, April 12, 2012

My 1st ever RagBag! :)

 Today i was out for a couple of errands and i had to go to the Mall to buy me some new houseslippers and a new towel coz 'em towels dont last long with me for unknown reasons. O.o

Anyway,  so when youre looking for those stuff you need to buy, it doesnt come too easy not to get distracted with other shiny and bright stuffs on the background.  &&Soooooo luckily, i got lost at the cleaning dept and the sewing dept and got hold of these bright parts that would soon make up for my new fab RAGBAG!:) 

I was actually in search for a bright patterned sling bag to become my perfect accessory this summer but i got no time for a Baghunt that would also match the budget i was aiming for. So i thought, why not make one? And sooon, if i catch some intersted buyers, why not sell? :)

This is Purely handmade. Not a hundred and one sturdy coz i made it for only less than an hour. (Magic! hahaha)  A couple of sew and ties here and there and whoala! Pre-finished product! hahaha It still needs some inside to keep stuffs falling from the small holes of the checkered cloth and a zipper to seal it.

I just got soo eexcited and i wanted to use it tomorrow soo i had to make one!

&&yeah, this bag (the Colors), is sooooo ME. ^-^


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